Стипендии: Стажировка во Франции по магистратуре в сельском хозяйстве, пищевой промышленности или окрущающей среде

Дата окончания программы: 
Описание стипендиальной программы: 

Company sponsored Apprenticeship Master’s degree in Agriculture, food processing, environment
French International Companies wishing to establish themselves or develop existing activities in a foreign country, sponsor students from this country wishing to study a 2-year Master’s degree at ESA, and recruit them for a managing position in their home country.
Tuition costs are entirely covered. In addition, the student is granted with a monthly allowance for living expenses, amounting to 675 € or more, depending on the sponsoring company.
The course is taught mostly in French. For beginners who are accepted in the programme, a 6 month or more intensive course, prior to the Master course, is also given on the campus, free of charge.
This programme is based on sandwich courses whereby the students alternate their time between ESA and internships in the sponsoring company. This provides invaluable professional experience while adapting to both the French way of life and the company’s corporate culture. Successful completion of the two-year programme qualifies the student for a “diplome d’Ingénieur’ the most prestigious degree in France. The graduate is immediately operational and ready to take on a position of responsibility on site in his/her home country.

Требования к стипендиатам: 
Have earned, or be in the process of completing, an MSc Be under 26 A good level in English Selection made by both ESA and the sponsoring companies, based on the application file and at least 2 interviews. For this sandwich course Master’s degree, GROUPE ESA recruits students who have graduated with a very good GPA, who are highly motivated by a career in industry, who are hungry for concrete experience of the work world and who are open to learning new languages and new cultures.
Цель стипендии: 
Groupe ESA offers 20-25 admissions per year in a Master’s degree fully sponsored by international companies leaders in the fields of Food Industry, Agriculture, Agribusiness, Environment.
Организатор стипендии: 
Groupe ESA
Грант на обучение в: 
Продолжительность программы: 
1 год
Для кого стипендия: 
Технические Науки
Агрономия и Сельское хозяйство